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SOL20 Day 31

Last Day! EEEK it is so crazy that it is the last day of writing for the Slice of Life. I am glad I decided to join this journey. Taking time to write each day is very relaxing and needed, especially while being trapped at home with not much to do! I am realizing I missed a few days of writing, but this is my first year and this is not a routine that I am at all used to yet, so I am not going to be too hard on myself for forgetting a couple days. I love reading other people's posts! I hope everyone continues to stay healthy, happy and has a blessed Easter. I will end my last slice with a little about what I did today. Woke up and drank water (not a coffee drink, lol) and sat on the couch with my doggy. Fertilized my plants, watered my seeds, and looked at all the sunshine shining in my sunroom today!  At this point all I wanted to do was take my doggy outside and enjoy the sunshine, but I told myself I had to get some work done today before I did anything. So I wrote an I

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