SOL20 Day 21


Yesterday on my post a fellow slicer acknowledged how positive I am, but reminded me that I can take time to write a more sad/deep posts in these times. Thank you for that reminder. I am new to this, and I am learning how to put my emotions out there while writing. But this will be a start. 

During these unexpected times my heart hearts for those who can not see their loved ones due to not being able to travel, get into nursing homes, or because of just being scared of hurting the elders or higher risk humans. 

I also worry for businesses and all people who have been laid off or are unable to work and get paid during these unknown times. I feel so blessed that I am still able to get paid and not have to have any major worries. It is crazy to me that just over a year ago I was in college, and was a server and a coach and made enough money to support myself, but if this all was happening then... I would have no income at all. That is such a scary thought for me that is a reality for millions of other people. I feel for you all. 

I truly hope we can get through this as fast as possible and America’s economy can thrive. It breaks my heart how many people there are right now that would love to work and are truly not able to. 


  1. I’ve thought a lot about where I was at this time last year, which is China, and what that would mean had it been this year.

    As I told you, I’ve been blogging since 2010, but I rarely delve into stories that have the potential to cause me pain based on reactions of others whom I can’t control. I like thinking about a blog post as having a narrative arc. I think it’s important to find and learn from bloggers you enjoy and to strike a tone that makes you comfortable.

  2. It's a wonderful start. So many of us are struggling with how to write these days. As Glenda said, there's no reason that you *have* to write about sad things, but you're certainly allowed to. Finding your own voice is half the reason to do this.


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