SOL20 Day 23

Walk with Mom

Today I am going to write about a slice of my day on Saturday. On Saturday I was in Duluth, MN visiting my mom and dad. While my fiance' and dad were fishing, my mom and I were trying to keep from going crazy cooped up in the house, so we decided to take our doggies for a walk. We walked on the lake walk right along Lake Superior, and we decided we would turn around at the beach. When we got to Brighten Beach we were going to just take some time to relax and look for sea glass, but my dog Mossy decided he wanted to take his first swim of the year. The lake was calling and he had to go in I guess. Not phased by the fact that it was 31 degrees out Mossy jumped off of a rock on the beach into the ice cold water. Once I finally convinced him to come out of the water he was the happiest doggy jumping around like- that was the best thing ever, I haven't swam in sooooo long, lets do it again..please mom please!!!!! Then, he shook all over me and I was freezing on our walk home, but he never even shivered a bit. He is one crazy pup. Well, now I know the second the lake I live on thaws, he will be down there swimming right away. 


  1. "The lake was calling and he had to go in." Funny that - it feels kind of like a metaphor - some people dive right in even when the rest of us think it's too cold! Me? I like to wait until the water is WARM - like mid-July or August. Guess I'm not as enthusiastic as Mossy.


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