SOL20 Day 20


Since I missed my slice of life yesterday I am going to write a longer slice today. I plan on writing about my small, new, little family that I am so thankful for, this will also help me count my blessings during this crazy time we are all going through. This is my favorite picture of us! 

Moss Boss- If you have read any of my slices you can probably tell I freakin' love my dog- it's true, I am a crazy dog momma and proud! This (not so) little guy is Mossy. He is our chocolate lab who just turned 1 in Feb. I could talk about him forever because I love him so much, but I will just tell you a few things about him. Mossy loves to duck hunt with his dad, swim wherever & whenever (luckily we live on a lake), cuddle with his momma (me!), and eat all the food. He snorts when he is happy or excited and we don't really know why...but it's just so him and it's hilarious. Last but not least, Mossers is the most loyal and caring pup we could ever ask for. Love ya bud. 

Ed- The other handsome guy in this photo that isn't Mossy is Eddie, my fiance'! We got engaged last July and are getting married this August! Eddie is my best friend and I am so lucky I get to spend forever with him. He is the perfect mixture of caring and selfless, but never a dull moment because he is so stinkin' funny. Ed is one of those people who makes a new friend anywhere he goes no matter their age or who they are just because he is such a people person. He loves all things hunting- Mossy our pup is named after Mossy Oak- LOL, so that is how much he LOVES hunting, but the name is cute and fits Mossy so I'm all for it. Eddie and I are your typical Northern MN/WI homegrown couple, our favorite things are lake life, fishing, bonfires, dogs, family/friend time. 

I am so very thankful for both of these amazing handsome boys in my life! Yes, we will have kids someday to add to my mini family, but not anytime soon. I have all I need for now! 

Me- I like talking about other people more than I like talking about myself, so I will make this short and sweet. I am Liz! I am 24 and am a first year teacher. I teach 3rd Grade Special Education in Hayward, WI. I love it! I grew up in Duluth MN, and graduated from University of MN, Duluth in 2018 with a degree in both Elementary and Special Education. Go Bulldogs!


  1. I love this picture of your family, it captures you perfectly! I feel thankful that we get to be neighbors at school and your honest feedback - thanks! :)

  2. Cute family. Gorgeous dog. I have two dogs and a cat. They run the place. I blame my husband. I introduced one of my dogs earlier in the month and need to get the other two critters featured. I’ve been blogging since 2010 so didn’t introduce myself.

    No need to be in a rush to have children. There’s lots of time for that. I think those who live in less densely populated areas right now are lucky. I’m a Midwesterner from Missouri but have been in Idaho 30 years.

  3. What a great picture! It's nice to see you! Moss is beautiful & Ed sounds awfully nice. I love how enthusiastic you are about your life, and I have to say that "lake life, fishing, bonfires" sounds pretty amazing. I'm glad, too, that you enjoy your job - though I know it's tough right now. Thanks for your extra long post today. I really like reading what you write: your enthusiasm shines right through. (And remember that it's ok to write about feeling sad/scared right now, too. I'm about to post one like that. We're a community, even if virtual, and we take all emotions.)


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